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What You Need to Know About Technobox LNB Types

Technobox has become a significant brand in the satellite receiver and antenna industry with its quality and innovative products for many years. In this article, I will provide information about Technobox LNB types.



1. Single LNB

Single LNB is the most basic type of LNB used for a standard satellite receiver. It has a single output and provides broadcast to only one satellite receiver. It is usually preferred when a single satellite receiver is used in homes.



2. Twin LNB

Twin LNB is a type of LNB with two different outputs. This allows you to connect to two different satellite receivers at the same time and watch different channels. It is a common solution for homes or small businesses.



3. Quad LNB

Quad LNB, on the other hand, is a type of LNB with four outputs. This allows you to broadcast to four different satellite receivers at the same time. It is an ideal option for those using multiple televisions or satellite receivers.



4. Octo LNB

Octo LNB is one of the most advanced types of LNBs with eight different outputs. It is preferred in large apartment buildings, hotels, or places distributing satellite broadcasts in bulk. It is suitable for serving multiple users simultaneously.


Technobox LNB types offer users different options according to their needs, providing them with an easier and more efficient satellite receiver experience. The installation of satellite systems and the chosen LNB type are crucial in terms of accessing desired channels and broadcast quality.